When her father died Laure was taken by a wealthy woman to be raised as her daughter. There she learned to sew, embroider and make lace as well as read and write. But when her benefactor died no provisions had been made for her. The person who took over the estate told her that he did not need another servant. So she was sent to the poor house in Paris, to the best floor of the poor house where still conditions were substandard. Laure took it upon her self to write to the King to plead for better food and conditions. The reply was sent to the warden telling her to tell Laure and the other women to buckle down and asking the warden to choose one hundred women to send to New France to be married to soldiers and courier du bois. Of course the warden was gleeful to tell Laure that she was the first to be chosen to be “une fille de roi.”

The first part of the book in Paris is slow, but when the women and Laure get on the boat for New France  and when the arrive were quite interesting. A good read.


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