THE CAMELOT CONSPIRACY: A Novel of the Kennedys, Castro & the CIA


What is the truth about  11/22/63   the day JFK died. People from my generation clearly remember that day, even Canadians.  A shot that was heard around the world. Vincent’s imagining is quite engaging but the subtitle should have included “the MOB.” The mob were angry that their casinos in Cuba were taken away from them. There show girls were given jobs in Havana and kept in rotation as Fidel’s mistresses. The mob were angry that JFK would not take a definitive stand on getting rid of the communists in Cuba. They were angry that JFK’s brother John, the Attorney General, was taking such a strong stance against them. Their motto: if a snake is bothering you, cut off its head. The Cuban diaspora was angry at Kennedy also. They wanted to return home to their wealthy positions of power.

An interesting read but it bogs down with too many characters. There is a three page list of characters two of which are historical figures and one is fictional characters. The list does help keep it all straight.
I am looking forward to reading Steven King’s latest novel on this same subject 11/22/63.


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