1968, an inter-sex child is born in a small village in labrador. The child has one testicle, a vagina and a what appears to be a penis. Or is it a clitoris?  The father want to raise him as a boy so he can hunt and trap with him and learn his skills and his love  of the wild. The doctor agrees. When the doctor measured the penis it was larger than a centimetre; larger than a centimetre and it is considered a penis but if it is smaller then it is considered a clitoris. The boy, Wayne, needs to take pills every day but he doesn’t know what they are for. He feels like there is a girl curled up inside him. Annabel is the name the midwife whispered in his ear at his christening and would call him when they were alone together. No one knows what the right or the best thing to do is. As Wayne grows older he needs to know who he is. The parents start with a strong relationship gradually drift apart. Bridges are a major theme in Annabel and Wayne bridges male and female.

Annabel is a must read.


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