A deliciously well written mysterious thriller. Chip is a pilot who is forced to land his regional jet on Lake Champlain. He prays that he can create a miracle like the pilot who landed on the Hudson River with out a single death. He does not succeed; most of the passengers die. His wife Emily decides that the best thing for the couple and their twin ten year old daughters is to move to the calm and peace of northern New Hampshire. They purchase a Victorian house that has lots of rooms and back stair cases and hidden passages. There are even weapons secreted in unusual places. But most mysterious is the door in the basement that has been sealed shut with thirty-nine 6-inch-long bolts.

The neighbours are friendly but weird. All the women have names of herbs and plants. They all have green houses and they grow strange plants that they have found from around the world with which the make salves, tinctures and potions. Their baking is succulent but somewhat off at the same time.  And they are obsessed with the twin girls.

A must read. Also read Bohjalian’s Twin Sister Radio, which is fantastic.


I liked this cover better than the cover of the copy I read so I borrowed it.


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