Charlotte Jean “Charley” Davidson, is a PI and consultant for the Albuquerque, N.Mex., police department. She is helping her detective uncle, Bob Davidson, investigate the fatal shootings of three lawyers who were representing a client accused of murder. But that is her “day job”. She also lives on other planes.  As the grim reaper, she sees the spirits of people who have not yet crossed over and she escorts them”into the light.”  She helps souls complete what ever it is that is holding them back. Souls come to her because she is actually a porthole into the light. Charley finds herself oddly attracted to the hunky and handsome Reyes Farrow, a convicted criminal in a coma. She also has amazingly erotic dreams when he comes to her at night. Another of her special abilities is the ability to heal at fantastic speeds.

Charley sets the tone of the novel through her sass and wit.  She’s appealing, funny, and has a great attitude about life. All and all First Grave is a fun, good read.



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