June, 65 San Francisco. Lisa Fay is evicted from the basement where she had been squatting. No money, no place to go and nine months pregnant she ended up birthing her baby boy in a park. Then walked to the hospital. With the help of a woman she met in the hospital she got a job and got by until she met a man who dealt drugs and got caught up in his business. When she went to jail for 15 years Wrecker at age three went to his Aunt, Lisa’s sister Meg, and Uncle Len. But Len was taking care of Meg like a child since an infection had damaged her brain. He couldn’t handle both Meg and Wrecker especially since  when he arrived he was scared and angry, exploding at the least thing, and quick to flee.

It’s true that his feats acquired the status of legends. The day Wrecker jumped from the barn roof  to bounce from the hay bales below. The day Wrecker was lost and they scoured the pond bottom for his body. The day Wrecker climbed into the pick up and released the brake, took it out of gear, and rode it all the way downslope into the field, where a big rock slowed it down by lodging itself in the oil pan. He seemed to need to feel his body collide with the physical world to know he existed.

He asked his communal living neighours, Melody, Willow, Ruth and Johnnie Appleseed for help and they raised Wrecker. He brought out the best in all the people and helped them become a true family.

A good read.


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