LITTLE PRINCES: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal


Grennan agreed to volunteer at Little Princes, an orphanage in Nepal, for three months before touring the world because it sounded less selfish than stating he was taking a year off to tour the world. He didn’t realize just how much these 18 children would mean to him, how they would work their way into his heart, and how he would be unable to get the injustice of human trafficking out of his mind. When he first arrive at Little Princes the kids climbed all over him craving adult contact and attention and Grennan loved it. The history of these children and their families is a sad topic but Grennan’s humour and the children’s loveable spirits shine through making the story informative, insightful, and stunningly beautiful. All of this is set in the midst of a civil war, poverty and despair. The story of a child trafficker tricking families into relinquishing their children to him and paying him masses of money when he promised he would provide them with a better life and then treating them like slaves, starving them and selling them is heartbreaking. From a three month commitment Grennan ends up spends up sending years in Nepal and building his own organization, Next Generation Nepal.

An inspiring book. Read and donate.


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