Shelly was being bullied at school by her former best friends; she never told, mice don’t complain. “Mice are never rude. Mice are never assertive”  Her mother also a mouse was bullied at work and at home before and during the divorce. Her mother caved in to every unreasonable demand from her husband, Shelley’s father, who left her for a twenty-something girl. “Mum” signed away all right to alimony and a share of her husband’s pension, and she even returned some of the gifts he’d given her during their marriage. When the school bullies almost killed Shelly, the mother and daughter moved out of town to a cottage at the end of a road where no one would bother them. They rejoiced in their privacy: gardening, reading, playing and listening to classical music. Shelly did not go to school rather tutors came to her. They felt their life was an ideal life for mice. On the eve of Shelly’s 16th birthday their pastoral, idyllic lifestyle is destroyed when a  cat burglar enters their home and they stop being mice.

There were times that I skimmed parts of this novel but I still recommend it. A good read.


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