Schooled is a truly entertaining and moving novel written for the young adult market but can be enjoyed by all. Capricorn has been raised all his thirteen years on a back to the land, hippy commune called Garland. Completely isolated from the outside world, Cap has been home schooled by his Grandmother, Rain. Rain has taught Cap how full of evil the world is: competition, violence, capitalism, greed, hunger, cities etc. But when Rain falls and breaks her hip, Cap drives her to the hospital. Rain taught him to drive when he was eight. Rain needs to be hospitalized for several weeks for rehabilitation so social services needs to find a place for Cal. The social worker, Flora, had spent her formative years in Garland also so as soon as she saw Cap she knew what was going down. Flora elects to keep Cal in her home in order to better protect him.

At school, the students always pick the biggest looser to be the class president as a year long humiliation. This year it  was to be Hugh. That is until Cal showed up.

A definite must read despite its week ending. Also read Korman’s SON OF THE MOB. It is funnier than Schooled.


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