Christine wakes up wondering where she is and who she is sleeping with. “Oh shit, he’s married.” she thinks as she see his wedding ring. When she goes into the bathroom to clean up what she sees in the mirror is all wrong. The woman in the mirror is much older than she is. When she sees her old hands she wants to scream. What is going on? When the man wakes up Christine and the reader learn that she is amnesiac after a car accident twenty years ago. The unknown man she woke up beside is her husband, Ben. Christine goes through this every morning!

Unknown to Ben she has been working with a doctor and researcher, Nash, who has her writing in a journal. Everyday he calls her and tells her where she hides her journal. The first words written in the journal are DON’T TRUST BEN. The more she journals the more memories are stimulated. But too frequently the memories are different than the stories that she has heard from her husband.

The book should have been at least 100 pages shorter. It was quite repetitive especially at the beginning. Needs skimming. But still worth the read. This is the second brain damaged book that I’ve read lately. See Left Neglected.


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