AKA: Anything That Could Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Ella Beene by accident fell into a relationship by accident where for “three year, [she] did back flips in the deep end of happiness.” All this because while she was fleeing from a damaged relationship, she stopped at a small town in northern California for a sandwich. Joe’s young daughter ran to Ella for a hug and Ella was drawn in to a ready made family: father, daughter, son and she became the Mommy.

But when Joe turns his back to the ocean, something Joe has warned people about over and over again, he is hit by a rogue wave, washed out to sea and drowned. While dealing with the grief of the death of her husband she realizes that the store that supports the family is in serious financial problems. And then Joe’s ex-wife and birth mother of the children turns up at the funeral. Could things get worse?

The author tackle several issues from secrets to the treatment of American-Italians during the second world war and does them well.

!00% chick lit. My spouse loved this book. It is a good read.


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