HEARTH OF DANKNESS:Underground Botanists, Outlaw Farmers, and the Race the for the Cannabis Cup


I’m not a smoker, nor a toker, nor a midnight joker but I still enjoyed this book on pot. Dankness refers to pot that will give you the ultimate high. We learn that there are two strains of pot sativa and indica. Sativa is a clear headed high, energetic “like a cup of espresso,” and slightly hallucinogenic. Smith described being in a hail storm high on a sativa like “being in a shower of diamonds.” Indica is a high that Smith avoids since he tends to get paranoid and sleepy and needs to take a nap.

Smith takes the reader around the world  from Amsterdam’s coffee shops to a California plantation hidden in a sequoia forest.  Ironically, America’s crackdown on weed has driven farmers to move their crop inside, leading to “a boost in potency and a boom in demand for high-quality genetics.” With a vast cottage industry of high-tech grow ops, a plant “that thrives in almost any climate, in any country in the world, now mostly grows indoors.”

“One of the Dutch government’s aims is to “separate the markets for hard drugs and cannabis.” The government wants to protect casual cannabis users from “exposure to more harmful drugs.” In other words, when I go to my local drug dealer to buy some weed she usually has cocaine, LSD, mushrooms, and other substances for sale, but if I go to a coffeeshop, it’s just cannabis and soft drinks. You can’t even get a beer — the ultimate gateway drug — in a coffeeshop.”

Smith is an excellent writer. Dankness is a good read.


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