Inquisition is a medieval, medical mystery that has little to do about the inquisition except that one character is an inquisitor. In early fourteenth-century Italy, Mondino, a physician at the studiuum, receives an unexpected visitor in the dead of night. The visitor, one of Mondino’s students named Gerardo, drags a dead body into the studiuum and with it a compelling secret which puts both their lives in jeopardy. The dead man is a Knight Templar and his heart has been turned into iron. Gerardo finds himself as the prime suspect for the murder, but clearing Gerardo’s name is not Mondino’s prime priority, instead, he is desperate to learn the art of turning flesh into iron, which he believes is the Al-iksir (an alchemic preparation formerly believed to be capable of prolonging life). Gerardo and Mondino must find the murderer, but when two more bodies with hearts of iron are uncovered, the Inquisition begin to suspect Mondino’s involvement in what they consider to be acts of devil worship.

A better title would have been ” Elixir of Life and Death.”

Not a great read by any means. But an OK mystery. Needed a lot of editing.


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