Next Stop explores the heartbreak, regrets, and triumphs of parenting an autistic child. It is the memoir of a mother learning to let go.  Her son David has autism and Tourette’s.  As David ages out of the public school system, his parents find themselves wading through the quagmire of support and services for an adult with disabilities, while trying all the while to help David establish a life for himself.  The answers are never simple.  Glen learns that sometimes she has to trust David. The summer David Finland was twenty-one, he and his mother rode the Washington, D.C., metro trains. Every day. The goal was that if David could learn the train lines, maybe David could get a job. And then maybe he could move out on his own. And then maybe his parents’ marriage could get the jump-start it craved.

“And though I do not know if he loves me, I don’t take it as a slight. The gift of his love is not mandatory for my allegiance, because it is loving, rather than being loved, that makes us fully human.”

A must read.



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