Geek Love is a truly bizarre work of fiction. The Binewski clan is a carny family. The parents, Al and Lilly, set out to breed circus freaks. They use chemicals, poisons and radiation to create this oddities. “What a greater gift could you offer your children than an inherent ability to earn a living just by being themselves?” Arturo the Aquaboy has flippers for limbs. He does his part of the show in a glass tank so the crowd can see him swimming. Elly and Iphy are Siamese twins, two torsos but only two legs. An albino hunchback,Oly, tells his strange and wonderous tale. The youngest Chick was born with no obvious
impairments, a norm. The parents were so horrified they made plans to give away their normal child. But Chicks abnormality is discovered just before he was to be abandoned.

This is a must read.


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