Mary is struggling with the crucifixion and subsequent death of her son Jesus. She believes the weird group of people who surrounded her son are partly to blame for his demise. Mary is in most pain over the times Jesus rejected her, “Woman, what have I to do with thee?”

She reluctantly tells her story to two unnamed men who are demanding it of her, one of whom “was there with us to the end, ready to hold me and comfort me,” although he is now impatient with her taciturnity and interest in unimportant details. Plainly, he is the beloved disciple, the Apostle John, preparing his Gospel and disoriented by memories so different from his own. The other man has none of John’s gentleness, or even any respect for the mother of Jesus: “My very voice fills him with something close to disgust.” In the end, they appall her with their calm acceptance of Jesus’s death. Once she learns what they truly believe about her son, all her raw maternal pain emerges: “When you say that he redeemed the world, I will say that it was not worth it. It was not worth it.”

Interesting read.


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