MADELINE MILLERsong-of-achilles

A wonderful reworking of the familiar tale from the Illiad of the son of a goddess but still a mortal, Achilles. The story is narrated by Patroclus, Achilles’ best friend, companion and eventually lover. Patroclus, a prince, was exiled from his home for killing another prince, to be raised by King Peleus, Achilles’ father. Achilles is everything Patroclus is not: out going, beautiful, well loved by all and perfect. Their friendship and love affair rankles Achilles’ mother, Thethis, a miserable sea goddess, who tries to come between the two boys but fails. Achilles realises that he must go to war in Troy in order to fulfill his destiny and become a hero, the greatest warrior of all time. Patroclus, through fear and love for his companion, follows Achilles to fight in the war. The gods become involved in the war and it drags on for a decade.

An excellent read.


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