TheDeceptionOfLivvyHiggsDONNA MORRISSEY

AKA: Lies and Secrets

Deception skips between two time periods and settings. In 2009, the elderly Livvy, ailing in her Halifax home, dreams of her childhood on Newfoundland’s French Shore in the 1930s and ’40s. Morrissey slips between times easily, sometimes mid sentence. Livvy loses her mother, struggles in school, and rebels against her cold father. Her loneliness and longing are vividly portrayed. Libby has a push pull relationship with her mother’s mother, Grandma Creed who is vain and controlling. She describes her grandmother trying to “slip her own aged bones inside of Mother’s and wear the youthful flesh of her daughter as others wore a store-bought dress.” Livvy is an elderly, cantankerous woman who has little social support and is in ill health. In her own words, she is “too tired for company and too old for ghosts.” Luckily she has a young neighbour who helps care for her.

Take a look. You will enjoy it. Very well written.


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