A tragedy. The private school is burning. Grace runs into the conflagration searching for her teenage daughter, Jenny. “Motherhood isn’t soft and cozy and sweet; it’s selfish ferocity, red in tooth and claw.”  Grace finds her but before she get her out a wall falls on them. Firefighters have trouble getting to the burning school because of the abandoned cars of terrified parents. We meet the pair again in the hospital where there bodies are in the burn unit but they are disembodied spirits who can communicate to each other but not to others. “I’m a sliver-thin light, diamond sharp, that can slip through gaps in the world we know. I will come into your dreams and speak soft words when you think of me. There is no happy ever after – but there is an afterwards.
This isn’t our ending.”  It appears that the fire was arson. The search to find the unsub is undertaken by Grace’s sister -in-law Sarah a police officer and detective. Jenny is given three weeks to live; her heart is giving out. Grace is found to be brain dead. Though in spirit they try to figure out this mystery.

A good mystery.


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