HEAVEN IS FOR REAL: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

jesuscoltonburpo TODD BURPO with Lynn Vincent

HEAVEN is a rare jewel of a book. It will appeal to readers of a spiritual bent particularly Christians.When Colton was young, very young, under four, he was seriously ill with a ruptured appendix. I had a friend die of a rupture appendix; this is a grave condition. After two surgeries he pulled through and thrived. As he got better he started telling his pastor father and righteous mother about his time in heaven. He could tell them where Jesus sat. That God sent him back to earth to answer his father’s prayers. He met his great-grandfather, Pop, in heaven. Pop had died long before Colton was born. He also met his stillborn sisters who waits for him.

“…when I was angry at God because I couldn’t go to my son, hold him, and comfort him, God’s son was holding my son in his lap.”

This book isn’t for all. Personally I believe in the fundamental truth that is in all religions. If you have similar beliefs you will want to read HEAVEN. The picture on the left Colton says looks like the Jesus he met in heaven.


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