Robbie Whitcomb is a happy, precocious five-year-old boy living in Ypsilanti, Michigan with his mother Dinah and father, Perry “Whit” Whitcomb, a popular disc jockey. Whit is mixed race, a source of pain for Dinah’s mother Geraldine. But Geraldine is a mere irritant to this young, happy family, until the day Dinah and Robbie run errands at the local mall. There the unthinkable happens. Robbie is grabbed and taken. His mother is run over by the perp and dragged under the van. Robbie is drugged and placed in a sarcophagus like box where he can’t move and can barely breath. The horror begins. The pedophile kidnapper forces little Robbie to call him Daddy Love. He uses praise to control the boy but acknowledges that “punishment is fun” to administer.

I would not have wanted to read this when my son’s were little. It is a good but horrifying read. But we have to remember that most child victims are kidnapped and abused by people that they know.



One thought on “DADDY LOVE

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