SEX AND THE CITADEL: Intimate Life In a Changing Arab World



Dr Shereen El Feki is an award-winning journalist and expert on sexual health and policy. Her book on muslim sexuality is thorough as well as open and honest. Interestingly when the western world was sexually repressed, sexuality and pleasure were celebrated in the Muslim world. With the rise of stricter forms of Islam and a backlash against the perceived sexual impropriety of the west in the twenty century that sexual repression became the norm. At one time in the Ottoman Empire brothels were licensed and taxed. The book that covers subjects such as female circumcision (known in the west as female genital mutilation), hymen-restoral surgery, different types of Islamic marriages, abortion, sexual violence, homosexuality and the changing views of sex amongst different generations of Muslims. Even hand holding in public is frowned upon in Egypt and other countries. Fek is trying to start honest conversations about sexuality because it isn’t discussed in the areas she writes about.



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