wilde2This is riveting and heartbreaking biography of the wonderfully talented and genius Oscar Wilde. At the heart of the book is the trial that broke down Wilde and ended up in his outrageous incarceration. McKenna has left no stone unturned, and you almost feel, reading those pages, as if he was not only in the courtroom, but also in Wilde’s bedroom, in his friends and nemesis’ houses, in the cell where he was locked down. That, of course, makes for a great read – and McKenna is clever enough to show all of Wilde’s faces, revealing a complex and tortured man behind the facade. But more than that, this book is also a passionate cry for compassion, justice, and tolerance, three things that, sadly, Wilde was denied in his lifetime. The humiliating treatment he had to endure for just being gay is, for us in this day and age, really horrifying. And there are few things sadder than Wilde’s last year in Paris.


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