JESS WALTERBeautifulRuins_small-330-exp

Ruins is a wonderful book that travels between times and places telling a story of deep love and affection. Pasquale is a young innkeeper, just back from university and full of ideas and idealism. His first guest is Dee Moray a stunningly beautiful young actress who has come from the set of Cleopatra in Rome, 1962. Pasquale tumbles deeply in love for Dee, who tells him she is dying of cancer.

Then the story begins again in the present time in Hollywood where an elderly Italian man shows up at movie studio looking for the wonderful woman he last saw at his hotel decades earlier. As this main theme of love and redemption plays out we are introduced to a myriad of fascinating characters who add to the richness of the story.

The writing is beautiful: “But aren’t all great quests folly? El Dorado and the Fountain of Youth and the search for intelligent life in the cosmos– we know what’s out there. It’s what isn’t that truly compels us. ”

An entertaining read.


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