RUTH OZEKIcreation

“Every seed has a story.”  Creation is a novel of modern redemption on a potato farm. After her abortion, Yumi knew she couldn’t stay at her parents farm. Her high school teacher had impregnated her; she was fourteen. After a few years she writes her parents but they never reply. Her parents Momoko and Lloyd Fuller have farmed potatoes for decades in Idaho.Momoko also has a successful seed company, doing the meticulous work of growing her own vegetables and flowers and harvesting and cataloguing the seeds. When her friend and former neighbour Cass writes to explain how poorly Yumi’s parents are doing, Yumi reluctantly returns to the farm with her three children, Phoenix, Ocean and “Poo” who are fathered by three different men. The Seeds are a group of protesters who are spreading the warnings about genetically engineered plants including potatoes.  They are traveling cross-country, creating protests to advance their cause and doing some minor damage at grocery stores, occasionally getting arrested. The mix of these three elements makes for an engaging and entertaining novel. A good read.


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