When does love for begin, when does it end and can it be interrupted. These difficult questions are tackled in Kitchen. Anna is a profession chef, trained in France. Her dream is to return to Provence and teach at the cooking school where she was a star student. Her husband Tobias is a composer who does sound tracks for documentaries but dreams of doing feature films. But the situation changes when her baby, Freye, is born multiply disabled because of extreme brain damage, the cause of which is unknown. They look for a place to move to in Provence but property values are too high. But they find a place in Pays D’Oc in a a rickety, rodent-infested farmhouse in a remote town in France—far from the mansion in Provençe they had imagined. Through out the novel the couple contemplate leaving the baby Freye for social services to take care of. Their line in the sand is when she needs a feeding tube. When one parent is ready to let her go the other parent is madly in love with her, and vise versa. Ultimately this is a story of acceptance, love and opening your hear. There are many enjoyable characters who circle around the main couple which add interest to the story.

Its a good read.


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