RAISING MY RAINBOW: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son


“A person’s sex is what is in their pants, their gender is what is in their brains, and their sexuality is what is in their hearts.”

This is the story of a couple of the most amazing parents. When Lori and Matt’s son CJ saw his first barbie their livies were changed forever. “It was like watching somebody come alive, watching a flower bloom, watching a rainbow cross the sky.” But it did take them some time to realize that their job wasn’t to change CJ but to love him unconditionally. But is also a parent’s job to protect their children. One christmas they gave CJ boy toys and gender non-specific toys.  Their older son, Chase, was thrilled with his boy toys and CJ had no fun at all. Both Lori and Matt knew that they could never do that again. CJ prefers every thing that is generally considered for girls. When a parent asks what they can get CJ for birthday present, Lori answers anything that you would get for a girl [that age]. When CJ started school he complained that his friends always make him be the dad when they play house. Lori had him practice self empowerment skills to let his friends know that he wants to be mommy some of the time.The book explores the themes that parents duron2of gender-nonconforming children often share, like self blame, fear of the future, and the fierce desire to protect our children from ridicule and the possibility of bullying. It wasn’t easy for Lori to be open with all her friends and family. Some of her relations deepened but others ended because of the narrow mindedness of people.

Rainbow is a well written memoir.


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