POLISHING THE MIRROR: How From Live From Your Spiritual Heart

RAM DASS with Rameshwar DasRamDass

Ram Dass is a veritable saint for our time and place. I have often found his books too much the same – his life journey with words of wisdom. But this book is a great step above the rest. It still tells his life story and there are many words of wisdom but somehow it is told in a new, refreshing way. Possibly the addition of the second writer made the difference. I am sure that since his stroke he would need help composing a new book. I loved this book and recommend it to all who are interested in spiritual development. Here a some of my favourite quotes”

“The power of God is within me. The grace of God Surrounds me.” Though I would replace God with the One.

“May all being be free from danger.  May all being be free from mental suffering.  May all being be free from physical suffering.  May all beings know peace. I am. OM”

“I look like an old fart, but I am dancing inside. And what a joyful, joyful dance! The love play of the soul. You can join any time, because it’s always going on.”

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