wifeJodi Brett is beautiful, rich and intelligent and in complete denial. A psychotherapist, she is, “deeply unaware that her life is now peaking… that a few short months are all it will take to make a killer of her”. Her partner of 20 years, Todd Gilbert, never a faithful man, has fallen for someone else and is leaving her. Jodi has always ignored Todd’s affairs. This new one is different. This time the young woman, Todd’s best friend’s daughter is pregnant. It is significant that Jodi and Todd never married. As soon as he left their common-law relationship she had no claim to anything. No rights at all. But she was still his heir in his will. That is until the wedding.

Jodi is cool, and brittle – “the brittleness that goes with endurance. The day will come, she imagines, when fine cracks appear in her skin and go about branching and splitting till she comes to resemble the crackle-glaze vase on the mantel.” “Jodi’s great gift is her silence, and he has always loved this about her… but silence is also her weapon. The woman who refuses to object, who doesn’t yell and scream – there’s strength in that, and power,” thinks Todd.

Wife is a great read. I appreciate when an author can tell a captivating tale in a consise form.


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