As a prepubescent boy of eleven Spinelli was repeatedly sexually assaulted by his boy scout master, a decorated police officer. Bill was a ruthlessly seductive man who lured several youth into his bedroom for “boy bonding.” When he just could not handle one more camping trip or a private session at Scout Master Bill’s house, he told his family. But his family didn’t know how to support him and the psycological effects lasted well into his adult life. He developed paruresis, pee-shyness, a social-anxiety phobia rendering one unable to urinate in the (real or perceived) presence of others. He was unable to maintain physical intimacy with others. Eventually he became a doctor and authored a book about gay men’s health issues. His mother had told him the scspinout master had died of AIDS but later Spinelli found that Bill had written a memoir about saving a youth and adopting him. He was horrified that this paedophile continued to have access to under aged boys. He made it his mission to stop Bill from harming more children.


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