The Break is a haunting book full of both love and hate. On a cold winter night, two girls are violently assaulted in an empty lot. One was raped with a beer bottle. The Break shows how the violence affects the families and community, a large rock thrown into a body of water. The raped victim’s aunt saw the assault from her house and called the cops but being night did not comprehend what was really happening. Could she have done more? The girl who was the ringleader of the assault reminds me of Serena Nicotine a troubled sociopath I taught in grade two, who when a teen drowned a little girl, then later when in a halfway house stabbed the attendant to death.

Unfortunately, The Break was the first book voted off the Canada Reads program on CBC. I would have enjoyed hearing the discussion of this great book.

3 thoughts on “THE BREAK

  1. I was upset it was voted off so soon – I also wanted to hear more discussion around it! By the end, I was done hearing about the last two books.

    1. I agree. I wanted Company Town to win even though I hadn’t read it. Fifteen Dog had already been celebrated so often. Share the glory. Also, it wasn’t my favourite book. Anthropomorphism often turns me off.

      1. I wasn’t nearly as invested in the winner once The Break and The Right to be Cold were voted off – they were the two books that seemed most relevant to the theme. But I did like all three of the others, as well!

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